Haiku Explained: Cards Against Humanity

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One thing about Cards Against Humanity is that it won’t end even if you play for a whole day straight. And sure, we love that, but to lay cards on the table, everyone would prefer a better, specific ending. If you didn’t understand already, this will deal with the Make a Haiku cards you probably didn’t understand while playing, and other related terms.  

  • Haiku Explained;
  • Haiku in Cards Against Humanity;
  • Other terms explained;
  • Some Haiku examples;
  • Final thoughts;

Haiku Term Explained

In general, haiku is a form of short unrhymed poem, originally from Japan, that consists of three lines and 17 syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second one has 7 syllables, and the last one has 5 syllables. 

Here’s an example of a Haiku poem:

Haiku Poem

Haiku in Cards Against Humanity

You don’t quite understand how that type of Japanese poem is connected to your favorite card game, do ya? In Cards Against Humanity, a Haiku is hands down, the best way to end a good game. If you can’t visualize it, and have no idea about the card, here’s how it looks:

Haiku card

Haiku is used to end the game, but also to reveal the winner and the losers of the game. So, while playing, you know, while using our Cards Against Humanity rules, if you ever run into a Haiku card, set it aside and save it for when you want to end the game. 

If the latter occurs, the Card Czar, or the Game Judge in other terms, draws that special Haiku card. Then, every other player uses the draw 2 pick 3 rule, which will be explained in a bit. The judge decides who made the best combination, and that player wins. Finally, the judge puts the Haiku card at the center of the table, which is how the game ends.

Note: Haiku in Cards Against Humanity, doesn’t necessarily need to be a 5-7-5 form. No specific number of syllables is required. Unless you want to. However, the reason why this rule is called a Haiku, is that both the poem and the rule, include 3 lines. 

Other Terms Explained

In order to end the game, it isn’t enough to just understand what Haiku means. There are a few other terms and rules to bear in mind.

Draw 2 Pick 3

Draw 2 Pick 3

Although it might look pretty damn complicated, it’s basically all about drawing 2 white cards from the pile, adding them to your hand, and picking 3 of your total cards to create a story, or a simple funny combination. 

All players read their 3 chosen cards out loud, dramatically, and let the Card Czar pick their favorite, a.k.a. the game-winner!

The happy ending rule 

The Happy Ending rule is the Haiku rule. The reason it’s called so, in the official rules sheet, is that this is really a happy ending. It’s fair to everyone and ends the game in the best way possible with endless laughs!

But, is there any other way to end the game? Official, no. However, people have gotten creative and made their own rules. One of them is playing until someone gets 10 awesome points, meaning, they’ve won 10 rounds.        

Ps. These rules could be applied even when playing CAH online

Some Haiku Examples

If you ever run out of ideas or don’t know what a typical Haiku looks like, here are a few hilarious & offensive card combos

Haiku example 2

This is a story of its own, isn’t it? I bet you can add a dramatic effect while reading them… 

Only a genius mind can make this kind of combination. People might get mad with this one though.

Hands down, this is the funniest & the most evil one we’ve seen so far.

Haiku example 4

I’m pretty curious to see how people will connect these 3 cards…

Haiku example 3

Okay, people really do have a sense of humor. Proved.

Haiku Example 1

Honestly, we’ve never seen shit mentioned this much in literally 3 lines. Wow.

Haiku Example 2

It’s pretty clever putting together these 3 cards. Emma Watson? Concealing a boner? 

Haiku Example 3

This is giving creativity 110%. Really, how do people come up with these?

Haiku Example 4

We’re always up to making jokes with the swim team. Or with them never having sex again.

Haiku Example 5

Just in case you forgot how dirty Cards Against Humanity cards are. Yet we love them. 

Haiku Example 6

Are we evil for laughing at these card combos? I don’t know, but this haiku winning the game answers it all. 

Final Thoughts

The only thing that could make you step back from playing Cards Against Humanity (or games like CAH), is probably the fact that you didn’t quite know how to end it properly. Lucky you, we’ve finally explained the Haiku rule and more to you, so things will go perfectly, and your game nights will be memorable forever! 

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