For The Girls Review: This One’s Definitely For The Girls!

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Everything girls really need in their sleepovers, nights out, or girly gatherings is a good card game that brings the all-in-one fun: challenges, drinks, embarrassing questions. For The Girls is the perfect match for that description! If you’re not familiar with it, this review will describe everything: design, instructions, values of the game, cards, and all you could think of, frankly.

  • A short game description;
  • The box & cards;
  • Game rules & what are our thoughts on the game?
  • Buying the game & competitors;
  • Extra packs;
  • Final thoughts

A Short Description About For The Girls

Released on the 30th of July, 2020, For The Girls has become one of the ladies’ top picks, for all their favorite occasions. Especially for the Bachelorette party. This card party game is made to be played by girlies who are over 17, and the variability of players is huge: from 3 to 20+ people can play at once. 

A good game can last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how much you talk about specific topics, or how long it takes to complete challenges. For The Girls contains a deck of 400 cards, which are all creatively illustrated & well-thought. At the end of the day, you can’t expect any less from a game that is created by What Do You Meme? L.L.C, can you?

The Box & Cards

There’s one thin line between loving & hating a game at first sight. For The Girls stands on the first one, undoubtedly. 

For The Girls - Box

This screams girls’ night out! A black shiny box, with a pink gradient & pink letters that look like LED lights, it’s all you’ll ever need for your girlish card game. Although you already know that, right below the name you’ll find what this game is best for: starting from bachelorette nights to reunions. 

For The Girls - Back Of The Box

By all means, the back shows lots more information: types of cards, basic game rules, contents, and more. When these unite with our descriptions & instructions, 

everything will be as simple as possible. 

Wait. But, what about the cards? Do they follow the same logic of design? You’ll find all these answers and more below:

For The Girls - Cards

Let’s begin here: For The Girls comes with a total of 500 cards, divided into 5 categories, represented in 5 colors: pink, purple, blue, orange, and green. Each category contains 80 cards, and the deck comes with a 6-sided die too. We will discuss that in detail in the blink of an eye, although you can imagine its use.  

For The Girls - Card Meanings

Now, let’s break down what each color represents, shall we?

  • Purple is for Keep this card if you’ve done the thing. So, once you draw it, if you’ve done whatever’s written on the card, you keep it. If not, you put it on the bottom of the stack. 
  • Blue stands for Give this card to the player that would do the thing. In other words, it’s just like Most Likely. You have to guess who in the group would do a specific thing. 
  • Green makes you Give this card to the player it best describes. Another ‘give this card’ category, but now there’s no guessing. Whoever is mostly related to that card, gets it.  
  • Pink is all about challenges, precisely, Keep this card if you do the dare. Therefore, you read the card, complete the challenge, and keep it in your pile. Otherwise, place the card on the bottom. 
  • Orange, last but not least, represents Lose this card if you don’t name something within the category. Basically, a more advanced way of playing Categories.

Disclaimer: They’ve currently updated the game. The box & cards we’ve shown above belong to the updated version, with 90+ brand-new cards. For instance, here’s how previous For The Girls used to look:

For The Girls - Old Edition

Game Rules & Our Thoughts On For The Girls: Is There Anything Off About It?

You know the basics, don’t you? 3 or more people can play at once, and they should all be 17 or older. This is an adult card game. Place all categories of cards facedown in the center of the table, and the dice too. Let the girl who has the most TikTok followers start the game. Then, all girls take turns, going clockwise.

On your turn, you have to roll the dice, which will decide what color of cards you should draw. By way of illustration, if the dice show purple, you have to draw a card from the purple pile of cards and complete whatever’s on it. You will either keep that card (if you relate to it, or complete the dare successfully) or give it to someone else, depending on what it says. Whoever reaches 25 cards (counts as 25 points), wins the game. 

Personally, every time we decide to play For The Girls, the whole group loves it. Except those who take life very seriously. Really, this card game involves everyone, and the bonding created once the game ends is unmatched. 

It gets everyone out of their comfort zones, which is probably why everyone enjoys it that much. No matter how talkative or crazy you are, For The Girls always manages to make you reveal secrets, share experiences, and complete challenges you never thought you would. Whilst the game has several types of cards, it doesn’t get confusing at all. Cards are self-explanatory, and rules are simple, so you don’t have to overthink a thing. 

For The Girls - Our Thoughts

What we like to do once in a while, is include a little drinking too. Yes, whenever someone can’t complete a challenge, except by putting the card on the bottom, will have to drink as well. The same happens with the purple cards too: you either keep the card because you relate to it, or drink a sip. Makes a great drinking card game, indeed.  

What we value most, is the content used in the cards. It’s not ordinary challenges & cliche questions we’re used to seeing. They’re discreet, creative, and definitely not for the weak. Also, we totally love the new design of the box, especially the cards. They bring an awesome feeling and look like they’ve been made by a girl. 

However, what we would like to see in other updated versions of For The Girls, is the cards including less phone use. Lots of the cards in the current version require you to scroll through social media, write a message to someone, show your latest photos, and this honestly ruins the chance of this game being the perfect off-screen fun.

Watch this video to see how the game goes: Playing For The Girls

Where Can We Get The Game & Does It Have Competition? 

A game as fun as For The Girls, is pretty easy to find, luckily. Here are all the shops that sell it:

Is it worth the price? Yes. Does it have competition? Also yes. Here are For The Girls’ competitors:

  • Never Have I Ever (the girl’s edition);
  • Bachelorette Bash;
  • That’s What She Said;

Are There Any Extra Packs Of For The Girls?

The great news is: yes! There is an expansion of this game, just in case you’re like me and 400 isn’t enough. 

For The Girls - First Expansion

For The Girls First Expansion brings to you another 180 brand new cards, in 5 categories, meant to be added to the main game. Rules, cards’ creativity, and gameplay are all the same as the core edition. Bear in mind that this is an expansion, meaning, it can’t be played as a stand-alone. 

If you’re curious, here is one card of each category:

For The Girls - First Expansion Cards

Final Thoughts

Being a girl, means that you’re used to combining several games (challenges, hot seat questions, and more) so all your guests enjoy the night at its fullest. For The Girls solves all that for you. Literally brings over 400 questions and challenges, so you create the strongest bonds ever, share weird but fun experiences with each other, and most importantly, remember how magical girlhood is. 

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