Top 18 Bachelorette Card Games For The Bride And Her Girls!

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Considering that I’ve been to a bunch of bachelorette parties over the years, what I’ve noticed is that the games are what make the difference, really. A fun playlist, tasty snacks, and bachelorette party shirts are important too, but bachelorette card games definitely add the most magic, and we’re here to share the best ones with you! 

  • The Games;
  1. Bachelorette Bash;
  2. For The Girls;
  3. Family Feud Bachelorette;
  4. Our Moments Girls’ Night Out;
  5. Off-Topic Bachelorette;
  6. Gurls Nite Drink If;
  7. Talk, Drink, Dare;
  8. Never Have I Ever Girls;
  9. Bubbly;
  10. Table Topics For Girls;
  11. Bachelorettes Against Decency;
  12. That’s What She Said;
  13. Know That Couple;
  14. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk;
  15. Bachelorette Bundle;
  16. Bridin’ Dirty;
  17. Tipsy Hoe;
  18. Drink If Bachelorette Cards;
  • Our Conclusion;

1. Bachelorette Bash

Bachelorette Bash

4 to 12 players | Ages 21+ | 205 cards;

Bachelorette Bash is a card game of 6 categories: ‘Most likely to’, ‘Would she rather?’, ‘Know the bride?’, ‘I have never’, ‘Truth or dare?’ and ‘The wild card’. Yes, it’s basically all the fun categories in one pack. Get ready to talk about who’s most likely to get a freaky tattoo, guess what the bride wanted to be when growing up, share with the group the wildest thing you’ve ever done, and such fun stuff! 

2. For The Girls


3 to 20+ players | Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

For The Girls card game is for all the girlies. There are 80 cards of 5 different colors, each representing a different category: keep this card, give this card, first to mess up loses a card, and do this dare to keep this card. It also comes with a spinner, which tells you which card color to draw, and, you will keep the card if you’ve ever gotten a Brazilian wax, give the card to whoever has the hottest dad, get challenged to email your boss and ask how their weekend’s going, and more!

3. Family Feud Bachelorette

Family Feud Bachelorette

2+ players | Ages 17+ | 200 cards; 

You’re probably familiar with the Family Feud Game. The Bachelorette Edition is way cooler, a special one for the amazing bride-to-be and her besties.

To play, you should all be divided into 2 groups, and the point is to guess the most popular survey questions – things such as naming the sexiest musical instrument a man can play, mentioning emojis used in sexts, or even man’s garment of clothing that turns most women off… 

4. Our Moments Girls’ Night Out

Our Moments Girls Night Out

Available on Our Moments ($19.95) | 2+ players | Ages 17+ | 100 cards;

When it comes to games to get to know someone, Our Moments remains on the top of the list, and it’s one of the best conversation-starter games, especially when it comes to girls’ convos! The questions will make you share with the girls your favorite pickup line, the most ridiculous fashion trend you’ve ever followed, your best sexual experience, and such attractive things to discuss at your bachelorette party. 

5. Off Topic Bachelorette

Off Topic Ladies

2 to 8 players | Ages 17+ | 16 cards;

No Bachelorette Party is the same without a round of Off-Topic game. The Bachelorette Edition, precisely.  You pick a topic list (which could be words to describe your period, your Spice Girl name, reasons to say no to a date, and more), set the letter, and write the answers down. Whoever writes the most answers, within 2 minutes when the sand timer shows, wins the game! 

6. Gurls Nite Drink If

Gurls Nite Drink If

2 to 8 players | Ages 21+ | 40 cards;

We love ourselves some good drink if questions. Long story short, you have to read cards out loud, and if you relate to the prompts, you have to drink, and probably share the story related to it. Curious to know when you’ll drink? Well, if you took a selfie today, took a nap before the Bachelorette party, if you’re single and ready to mingle, and more lovely girlish stuff. 

7. Talk, Drink, Dare

Talk Drink Dare

2+ players | Ages 21+ | 150 cards;

Besides the Talk, Flirt, Dare for couples, there’s another cool version: the Bachelorette one! Well, it includes all girls want to do: talk their hearts out, gossip, take some drinks, and complete risky, fun challenges! If you wish, you may also pick a favorite deck, and play that alone. You’ll be asked to take an embarrassing picture and put it in your profile, go to a random guy and ask him to buy you a drink, and answer embarrassing questions too! 

8. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition

Never Have I Ever Girls

4 to 8 players | Ages 17+ | 224 cards; 

Never Have I Ever questions for the Bachelorette party never disappoint! In this pinkish edition, you have to share with the girls if you’ve ever accidentally texted your boss, listened to a song more than 10 times a day, gotten fired with cause, or wore shoes even though you knew you’d draw blood from them. Well, you simply answer with ‘I have’ or ‘I have never’, or drink whenever you relate to the prompt! 

9. Bubbly


Lulu & You ($18.97) | 4 to 12 players | Ages 21+ | 210 cards;

Bubbly, one of the most preferable Hen Party games, has 6 categories of cards: ‘Five seconds, go!’, ‘I have never…’, ‘This or that?’, ‘Most likely to…’, ‘Truth or dare?’ and ‘The wild card’. Are you ready to tell who’s most likely to always be ready to party, tell if you’ve ever talked your way out of a traffic ticket, and name 3 ways to annoy your partner?

10. Table Topics For Girls

Table Topics Girls

TableTopics ($25.00) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 125 cards;

Girls’ night questions are just what you need to have the perfect Bachelorette. You’ll share bits of your heart, gossip, cry, and have a therapy session with the girlies. You’ll draw cards, and take turns answering questions such as ‘should equality be women’s highest aspiration?’, ‘If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain the weight?’, ‘Have you ever let a man come between you and a friend?’, and a hundred more questions!

11. Bachelorettes Against Decency

Muggles.Cards ($9.95) | 4+ players | Ages 18+ | 384 cards;

Not that we can choose between all these, but Bachelorettes Against Decency is one of our all-time favorites. This one’s like a fan-made CAH edition, but the content is all related to the Bachelorette. Well, you gotta pick a pink card (such as what’s going to make the bride late to the ceremony), and choose an answer card to that (one last drunken hookup, really big dildos, or performance anxiety). Thank us later! 

12. That’s What She Said

That's What She Said

4+ players | Ages 17+ | 458 cards;

Don’t we all love to make the ‘that’s what she said’ jokes, anytime we get the chance? Exactly! If you already know how to play CAH, the rest will be simple. Find a good white card that you think matches the red card best & and wait for your card to be picked as the most hilarious one. How would you fill in the black of the ‘Every time I look at a cucumber I think ________.’? Very curious to read your answers!

13. Know That Couple

Know That Couple

2 to 10 players | Ages 10+ | 97 cards;

Finally, a game if a male ‘accidentally’ enters your bridal party, or if you’re having a common party with the groom-to-be! This card game includes bachelorette trivia questions, to test how well all guests know the couple. Specifically, makes you guess what the groom would say is the best feature of the bride, who’s a better cook of the two, and more stuff to check how well you know the couple! 

14. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

4+ players | Ages 21+ | 262 cards;

Yes, girls just wanna get crunk & drunk! This astonishing drinking card game comes with six card categories: ‘Taking Center Stage’, ‘Get Out Of Jail’, ‘Oh No She Didn’t’, ‘OMG This Is Totally You’, ‘Drink Or Dare’, and ‘Quick Fire’. Are you ready to take a sip if you’ve ever called someone by the wrong name during sex, give someone a lap dance, do an impression of your ex during an orgasm? Time to give a show! 

15. Bachelorette Bundle

2 to 30 players | Ages 21+ | 7 games;

Bachelorette Bundle is an all-in-one; plus brings pink cups to make your Bachelorette Party even more magical, or to play Truth Or Dare Beer Pong! This bundle includes the ‘Who Am I?’, ‘I Have Never’, ‘Quiz The Groom’, ‘Truth Or Dare’, ‘Bach Charades’, ‘Who Knows The Bride Best?’, and more! There are all types of questions included – from super clean, to r-rated ones! 

16. Bridin’ Dirty

2 + players | Ages 21+ | 150 cards;

Bridin’ Dirty makes the girls, especially the bride go out of their comfort zone, and bride dirty! This adult card game brings 50 cards of 3 categories: sip, share, and dare, so you get to do everything: drink a few shots, talk things out, and complete challenges. The latter includes stuff like taking a photo with another bachelor or bachelorette, which adds excitement to the party!

17. Tipsy Hoe

2 + players | Ages 21+;

The motto of the game? Well, it’s all about enhancing your inner hoe. Before you or your girl becomes a bride. The cards make you take a shot if you ever had a pregnancy scare, take a shot also if you’ve ever banged on a (ex) best friend’s ex, and basically get you tipsy over complicated stuff! It’s a girl squad game and you’ll all fall in love with it! 


The best part about these card games for the bachelorette party we included, is that they’re all girl-themed, extremely simple to play, and bring the best out of your special night. You may pick several games, and our printable games too, and have tons of fun with your girlfriends on your last night as a single lady!

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