Several Ways To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online

Playing Cards Against Humanity while in the same room with your favorite hilarious people is great. But the lockdown made us realize that we need to find some ways to play our favorite card game virtually. Even now, if you have friends who live abroad, playing CAH online using the ideas below will be your fun saver. As a matter of course, we included special apps and sites too! 

  • Playing the game through video call (Zoom/Google Meet);
  • Using Discord To Play CAH;
  • Online Free Sites;
  1. Cards Against Humanity Lab;
  2. Pretend You’re CLRTD;
  3. Cards Against Formality;
  4. All Bad Cards;
  5. Azala Picture Cards Online;
  6. Fun Trivia Time;
  7. Massive Decks;
  8. Playing Cards;
  9. Cards Of Personality;
  • Mobile Apps:
  1. Evil Apples;
  2. Cards Versus Humanity;
  3. ____ Cards;
  • Final words;

Playing Cards Against Humanity Through Video Call

Zoom & Google Meet aren’t just apps that teachers use to wake you up early in the morning for online lectures… These two (and whatever meeting app you prefer) are a great way to play Cards Against Humanity virtually.

cards against humanity zoom

To start, open Zoom or Google Meet. Share the link with players and wait for everyone to join. Make sure everyone has their Cards Against Humanity cards, either physical or digital.

Make sure everyone turns on their cameras so you can see their reactions. Choose one player to be the Card Czar, who will read a black card. Players send their favorite white card responses privately.

After everyone submits their cards, the judge picks their favorite and awards a point. Make sure you know the game rules.

You can use any edition or extra packs you prefer. We tried the Family Edition and had a great time!

Using Discord To Play CAH

Speaking of apps that are used for work or school, that can be a great alternative for Cards Against Humanity, next in line we have Discord. 

Playing CAH In Discord

Creative minds of Discord have created a bot that allows you to play Cards Against Humanity with your peeps, or total strangers too! The combination of these cards, and Discord’s features (counting slash commands to start new games, submit cards, join or leave games, and more) is just the perfect match. 

For all of you who use Discord for gaming, or other daily basis, add this bot to the server using this link: CAH in Discord.

Online Free Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity

If you’re looking for somewhere to play your favorite card game ever, for free, and that doesn’t even require a deck of cards, we present to you online CAH sites! Besides that, they come in many options: creating new games to play with friends, joining games, playing with random strangers from all around the world, choosing between editions, and more!

1. Cards Against Humanity Lab

The first website you should check out is Cards Against Humanity Lab, made by the original creators of the game. It offers three versions: the regular game, a family-friendly one, and a Spanish edition.

Unfortunately, you can only play with strangers for now, not with your friends, but you can still submit cards and pick your favorite combinations to win each round. Overall, the website is easy to use, cards refresh quickly, and the background is customized for a better experience.

2. Pretend You’re CLRTD

Pretend You're CLRTD

This website offers many different games you can play with people from around the world. You can also just watch games without playing, and even make your own game with your own rules and options. Luckily, you might choose between over 100 available packs, including here fan-made editions.

3. Cards Against Formality 

Cards Against Formality

Cards Against Formality is a cool website where you can play fun games either as a guest or by logging in. You can join games with strangers or make your own private game with a special code, and there are lots of decks to choose from. Plus, the site can handle up to 50 players without any problems!

4. Bad Cards

Bad Cards

Celebrate the coolest website for playing Cards Against Humanity! Bad Cards offers more than just the regular cards, including pictures, famous song lyrics, and texts. You can buy extra decks for less than $10 each, but the free ones are good for a fun game.

Our favorite is the Bad Lyrics deck! The humor and innocence of the cards range from suitable for all ages to more mature (18+), so you can play with kids or adults who enjoy dark humor.

5. Azala’s Picture Cards Online

Azala's Picture Cards

Azala’s Picture Cards Online is easy to use and fun to play, with different levels of offensiveness to choose from and a variety of decks available. What makes it unique is that you can create and explore your own decks, with helpful tutorials included. Plus, if you can’t play on your computer, you can simply switch to Mobile View for a better experience on your phone.

6. Fun Trivia Time

Fun Trivia Time

If you’re not into the usual way of playing Cards Against Humanity, Fun Trivia Time offers a simpler version where you read questions from a list and choose answers from options. You can decide how many questions you want to play with, from 5 to 20.

In this game, everyone answers all the questions, and then everyone votes for their favorite answers. The person with the most votes wins each round, and after all questions are answered, the website dramatically reveals the winner based on points.

7. Massive Decks

Massive Decks

Are you Brazilian by any chance? If yes, Massive Decks besides the main edition, brings the Brazilian one to you too. Also, you can make your own deck, if you’re that creative… 

One of the main features is that you can decide which house rules to add (if any), counting Rando Cardrissian, Rebooting The Universe, Happy Ending, Winner’s Pick, Haiku, and such. To make this experience the best, the site has also a time limit included, for both the Card Czar to make their picks, and other players to submit answers. 

8. Playing Cards

Playing Cards

If you like Joking Hazard more than Cards Against Humanity, then Playing Cards might be just what you want. It’s a basic version without any extra packs, where you draw and discard cards to make comic panels, and you can see everyone’s submissions in a special section. But if you’re not into games like Cards Against Humanity, this site also has other games like Rummy, Go Fish, Chess, and more for you to play.

9. Cards Of Personality

Cards Of Personality

CAH cards are cards of our personality, definitely. Cards Of Personality allows you to play 2 decks: the NSFW or Safe For Work, depending on who you’re playing with. You might also choose to add a private deck if you have one. 

The site is pretty simple to use, and it’s just like playing the usual Cards Against Humanity. Basically, you turn one of the black cards over and wait for everyone to respond. The funniest answer gets an awesome point! 

Mobile Apps To Play Cards Against Humanity

For all of you who hate using your laptop/computer for anything other than work, you might consider installing one of the apps below, so you could have the same amount of fun using your phone. Yes, there are more such apps available, but we only chose to present to you the best designed, and the ones available for both Android and IOS.

1. Evil Apples

Evil Apples

The first app on this list is Evil Apples, luckily available for both IOS and Android users. This one’s made to be user-friendly and brings a few free editions you might choose from (Classic, Bizarro, Survivor, Wildcard, and more). 

It offers Blitz Mode to play with absolute strangers, and of course, the classic create the game/write the code method. The whole app offers over 9000 cards, and they’re all a blast!

2. Cards Versus Humanity

Cards Versus Humanity

Obviously, it’s available in both the App Store & Google Play, and it’s the perfect fit for everyone who doesn’t like any special designs, but prefers to have the typical CAH cards and illustrations. When you click on generate, in every turn, you will get one black card and 5 white cards, from which you have to pick the most appropriate inappropriate response. 

Then, of course, the Card Czar makes their pick! Unfortunately, there isn’t a multiplayer option, but it’s good for those who want to have some great laughs by themselves. 

3. _____ Cards

_____ Cards

What do you think about adding your own cards randomly when you’re playing, and think that no answer fits right? _____ Cards, which is available in Google Play and App Store, make that possible! 

Bear in mind that this app doesn’t include cards from the original deck. Therefore, what people enjoy doing, is using this as an expansion pack, and adding it when playing the main Cards Against Humanity. Tested it ourselves, and it’s definitely a 10 out of 10 idea! 

Final Words 

From today on, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to refuse to play the most hilarious card game. You’re given several options, starting from virtual meetings to phone apps, and there’s no way you won’t like at least one of them. The loveliest thing is that you can play with friends who live all around the world, whenever and wherever, which will lead to great fun and stronger connections than ever. 

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