Get Joking Hazard in PDF Format – Hilarious Cards For Free!

Joking Hazard PDF - Cover Photo

If you’ve ever played Joking Hazard, you know the deal. This adult card game is so addicting and manages to keep you entertained for hours. We absolutely love the stunning, hilarious illustrations used in the cards, along with the extremely well-thought-out content, that never fails to make us giggle. 

Now, you’ve probably played at a friend’s house, or for whatever reason, don’t own a pack of your favorite game. Or perhaps, it got damaged, or you’ve lost some of the cards. Mates, all you must do is click the button below, and Joking Hazard will be yours for free!

Download PDF - Joking Hazard
  • This PDF edition brings 360 cards;
  • 10 blank cards are included too;
  • Includes the rules page & printing instructions;
  • 9 cards per page; 
  • The small version of cards;
  • Practical layout for cutting the cards;

Quickly, let’s see what’s in it! 

Joking Hazard PDF - Rules

Expectable, the first pages represent the rules. First, it helps you with advice on how to make the cards, a short conclusion of our printing guide, considering that this PDF only works best if you print the cards out. Then, straight-forwardly it explains how a Joking Hazard game is played, including alternative rules as well. 

Then, the best part comes: the cards. Joking Hazard PDF contains a total of 360 cards, counting here 10 extra blank ones for you to add your crazy ideas, that could add extra laughs to the game. There are 9 cards per page, making the cards smaller than the physical copy of the game, which as they say and we admit, is the only difference. 

Joking Hazard PDF - Cards

What we totally admire, is how they added these dashed lines in between cards, so you know exactly where to cut & make all cards the same size. Please, friendly advice, print the cards in color mode, otherwise the illustrations won’t be as catchy.

Enjoy it to its fullest!

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